Generally our clients engage our professional services because they want a professional tax audit service from an experienced tax accountant who will handle their tax affairs with professionalism and care.

The senior accountant – Adam Hill has over 20 years experience in tax, accounting and tax advisory services and is available to help clients both big and small.

Depending on the type of work and the skill and acumen involved in performing each task, our fees will be charged at either administration, junior accountant or senior accountant rates or a combination of all three.

Home or business visits attract an additional fee.

Tax Audit Service

Generally we break up our tax audit service into 4 stages. The first stage is that we discuss the audit with you by phone. Secondly we either organise a face to face meeting with you or organise to collect all the tax related documents. After we review the documentation we offer preliminary advice on the best course of action. We can either assist in debt negotiation, settlement of the matter or prepare your tax audit submission to the ATO. We also respond on your behalf to any ATO questions and review the final ATO decision and offer advice on it.

At all times your affairs are treated strictly confidential and we take much pride and care in our tax audit service

Professional Fees

Tax audit fees vary depending on the time, skill, acumen and expertise involved in each audit. Our fees start at $695.00 (tax deductible)


We generally provide a quote before we accept a Tax audit engagement.

Face to face consultations start at $395 (tax deductible)

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