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Adam Hill has worked in the tax profession for over 20 years. Adam is a chartered tax adviser and public accountant who is available to assist taxpayers in audit situations. Due to Adam’s depth of experience, he is able to take the stress out of the tax audit for you and present your affairs in the best possible light to the Australian Tax Office.

Audits are stressful, time consuming and can be very expensive if you are unable to substantiate your tax claims.

Adam is also available for tax audit consultations if you prefer to present your tax audit yourself. Adam will look over your tax audit submission and offer advice.

If you are interested in talking to an expereinced chartered tax adviser about your tax audit please take the time to look over this website. Following you will find a summary of the firm, Adam’s credentials and the services that the firm offers.

If you need an experienced chartered tax advisor, please feel free to contact Adam Hill direct on

Tel: (+61 2) SYD 9089 8851

Fax: (+61 2) SYD 9089 8859

We represent clients all over Sydney and we are able to come and see you if that is more convenient and practical.


Adam Hill

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